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If you have already opened your Bet365 account and you do not know how to place a bet; or, maybe you have been placing bets, but you are stuck on the losing side. Does it mean you are not doing it right? Maybe, Maybe Not! 

Lucky for you, I have had a positive start at Bet365, winning a couple of placements. Currently, I have been focusing on five sports: soccer, American football, basketball, and horse racing. Below, I will discuss some tips on the aforementioned sports that might help you get onto a winning streak. (This is not a guarantee since we still need luck, but I am certain that these tips will come in handy)

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Bet365 Sports Betting Tips: Soccer, American Football, Basketball & Horse Racing – My Guide

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Bet365 covers more than one hundred football competitions with numerous betting options. Hence, I would not be surprised if you are confused! However, my betting strategy is simple; focus on the basic and traditional betting option while looking for competitions with better odds to maximize my profits. I prefer betting on straight wins, goal line, and Asian handicap.

Straight Wins 

This is the simplest bet option available in the market. There are three options. I can bet on a team to win, draw, or lose. Although favourite teams with low odds seem like a safe choice, I have to look at each team’s statistics, including head-to-head and the teams' current form before I can place a bet. Besides, the low odds do not attract good profit when compared to other fixtures with relatively even odds. Some of the best markets with higher straight win odds include the England Championship League, the French League 1, and the Scottish Premiership.


Over/Under 2.5 goals has been one of the most profitable betting options for me. All I have to do is analyse the historical statistics of the team as well as the league’s statistics. This bet option is especially lucrative in the smaller leagues in America. The “both teams” option has also been profitable for me with consistent winning bets in Eredivisie and the Belgian Market. 

The Asian Handicap 

When I am not very confident with my choice, I tend to go with the Asian handicap. My favourite is the 0 Asian handicap. In this case, I will be refunded my stake if the game ends in a draw. However, if my choice wins, I still win the bet. This is great insurance in the case where the winning probabilities of each team are so close. I sometimes place a +0.25 Asian handicap. 

American Football

When it comes to American Football, I like to take my chance with the NFL games. My main focus is usually on the game line market. Here, I can place a bet on the money line, spread, and totals market. However, I often concentrate on the money line and the spread market. When I am sure of an outright winner out of the two teams in question, I tend to go with the money line. Although the odds rarely extend beyond even.

In the case of tight games, I fancy the spread market. The spread market enables me to play it safe by giving a margin of error on my choice by awarding extra points. The spread, which is more like a handicap, boosts my odds and thus, improving my chances of winning. 


Although there are numerous betting markets for basketball events. In basketball, it is rare for the favourite teams to lose. Therefore, when a game is on-going, and the favourite team is losing, I back the favourite to lose through an in-play bet. To boost my already high odds even further, I put a positive handicap on the original favourite. 

The favourite team, most of the time, would turn the tables in the third and the fourth quarter and thus giving me a win. I believe the wins are normally a result of the long break between the second and the third quarter, which allows the coach to strategize effectively. 

Horse Racing 

Bet365 has among the best horse racing offers in the market. And it would be unreasonable if I failed to try them. However, the hardest part is selecting the winning horse in a given course. To help me with this, I employ the point system to select the horse that is most likely to win. Basically, I would want to rate the performance of each horse from previous races and come up with the horse that is on the form. 

I consider the performance from the last three matches: 5 points for a win, 3 points for a runner-up position, 2 points for the third position, and only 1 point for a fourth position. I would then sum up the point for each horse from the three races. The horse with the highest points will be my choice. However, this strategy does not always work. Therefore, to improve the accuracy of my analysis, I often combine my analysis with tips by online tipsters. 

Final Words: What is my advice to you

There are many betting options at Bet365. I tend to look for the best odds across the markets covered by the betting platform. For football, the smaller leagues in Europe and around the world might surprise in terms of the odds they offer for betting options such as over/under 2.5 and both team to score market. 

As of other sports such as American football and basketball, the major leagues, NFL and NBA respectively, provide lucrative odds. The analysis is important before the placement of any bet. In the cases where I am unable to conclusively analyze a sports event, I prefer looking for tips from other renowned online tipsters. 

This article is not intended to encourage you to bet more, it merely educates you about different betting options out there.

Bet365 Terms and Conditions apply / New Customers Only / Commercial Content / 18+ Responsible Gambling. 

This review is based on a personal experience of the Bet365 offers.

The validity period of the Bet365 Bonus Code: 31st December 2020

Disclaimer: The tips shared are from the personal experience of the writer. The tips are in no way driven from bet365 platforms. These tips should not be considered as a guarantee or a ticket to any wins. It merely is a guide based on personal views.