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Bet365 offers an increasingly impressive live streaming service for both their desktop and mobile platforms. This bookmaker has been putting in some serious work for this specific category, and I have looked into their 2020 live streaming services with intense detail. To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

This bookmaker has quite literally taken the online betting market by storm, and they are now absolutely established as one of the world's leading bookmakers. I have used this bookmaker for years, and their continued innovation is nothing short of incredible.

But for the purposes of this review, there is one key feature that puts them absolutely head and shoulders above the rest – live streaming. I haven't come across another bookmaker anywhere in the world that covers as many events as bet365, and the quality is just sublime. They even cover events such as the US Open for tennis, where the streaming rights have been sold in many countries to the e-commerce giant Amazon. This in itself tells us a lot about the capabilities of this bookmaker. 

Bet365 Live Streaming Features

Fullscreen live streaming

I tend to access the bet365 platform from their modernized mobile app. And from this app, you can see exactly what events are available to stream thanks for the play button next to the event. When I pull up an event with bet365 to stream, I can immediately set it to full screen streaming for viewing pleasure too. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the desktop site, where it is basically impossible to set it to live stream without severely compromising quality.

Over 50,000 events streamed annually

I had an idea that bet365 covered a large number of events, but I never knew it was this extensive. The fact that you can live stream over 50,000 events per year absolutely free of charge is nothing short of staggering. Sure they didn't always cover the event that I was looking for, but I would say that over 80% of the events that I tried to watch on the site were available.

Available to watch on the go

I've experienced other betting sites when it comes to live streaming on the go, and bet365 again came up trumps. As long as I had a minimum of 3G Internet connection, I could basically live stream all of my desired events with relatively little interruptions. 

Live Streaming Review: Highly Recommended 

Since I have already established that bet365 does support live streaming, it was only fair that I looked into all of the features to thoroughly investigate their strengths and weaknesses. To begin with, the general quality of the live stream regardless of the sport was fantastic. There were very few pauses or lags in gameplay, and if this did happen it was very easy to reset.

Secondly, I particularly enjoyed that you can watch an event and place an in-play bet simultaneously. On other sites, you have to shut the live stream, place your bet, and then return to the live stream to carry on watching the event. But this is not necessary with bet365. 

And finally, there is the overall range that bet365 covers. Personally I am a big fan of soccer, basketball and tennis events. So naturally I was trying to stream these events more than others, and I have to say that I was not disappointed at all. I could basically access every single event that I wanted to with these sports, which of course meant that I was highly satisfied with the live stream service. 

How to access the streaming service: My Guide 

On the desktop site:

  • Sign in to your account as usual
  • Head across to the ‘in-play' section
  • Select an event (you will see a list of sports across the banner at the top)
  • Click on the play button to begin live streaming

On the mobile platform:

  • Log in to your account
  • Visit the section titled ‘in-play' (the stream usually starts a few minutes before the event starts)
  • Choose an event from what is being played at that moment in time
  • Click the play button (it should be alongside the team / player names)
  • Access full screen mode by sliding your fingers apart on the screen

User Interface, how it functions?

The bet365 user interface is one of the friendliest I have ever used. It is incredibly easy not only to locate where the live stream is, but also to initiate too. Events that are currently taking place will always be in the in-play section, and there will always be a play button on the event. I did not come across a single sport where this play button did not work. 

Which sports are covered?

Bet365 actually boasts a substantial 30 sports within the sportsbook. But some sports are more popular than others, and I found that this largely dictates their overall coverage and choice of events to stream. To put it bluntly, the most popular sports typically have the most coverage. I found that I could access tons of games for soccer, tennis, basketball and ice hockey, but for sports like swimming or athletics, I really struggled to find any events.

And if you wanted to live stream any other events that may not be as globally recognized, you may be disappointed.

Any special features unique to bet365 

Combined live stream and live bet functionality

I touched on this before but I'll say it again. I loved that you do not need to leave the live stream to make an in-play bet. This can be so frustrating, and this feature with bet365 made it so easy.

Toggle between live stream and statistics

I enjoyed that if the game became a little boring or I wanted to change things up a little bit, I could just swipe to the side and see the statistics and live data for the game. This allowed me to gain a different perspective on the game and actually allowed me to make more informed bets at a faster rate.

Final Thoughts: 3 Reasons I really enjoyed bet365's live streaming service

I personally prefer to use bet365 for their live streaming services for three main reasons. One, I like that as long as you have money in your account you can access every single event that they cover – no further requirements. Two, I like that you can watch live streaming on the go, and not be reduced to having to watch the games through a secure Wi-Fi connection. Three, I like that the site covers events that even mainstream TV does not due to streaming rights.

I really could not recommend the bet365 live streaming services highly enough, as it truly is a fantastic platform to use if you want to watch live sport.

Bet365 Terms and Conditions apply / New Customers Only / Commercial Content / 18+ Responsible Gambling. 

This review is based on a personal experience of the Bet365 offers.

The validity period of the Bet365 Bonus Code: 2020

Disclaimer: Always refer to the Bet365 platforms for the latest updates and information.